5 stars outdoor furniture: discovering incredible places

There are plenty of reasons to choose LaMercanti outdoor furniture: collaboration with some of the world’s leading designers, products with stringent quality standards at every single step of production. People coming together in unique environments and special atmospheres to engage in dialogue, exchanges and unforgettable shared experiences. LaMercanti offers a budding collection of one-of-a-kind accommodations around the world, each with its own outdoor orientation, from ski chalet to island hideaway, African wilderness lodge, tree house, igloo, boat or city harbor hotel.

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Roda top quality garden furniture

Roda outdoor furniture
Roda is a leading company in the production of top quality outdoor furniture, thanks to its passion and experience. For Roda the perception for outdoor as well ...

Ak47 outdoor fire pits

AK47 outdoor fire pits
The characteristic feature of Ak47 outdoor fire pits is undoubtedly their adaptability to different contexts and layouts. Great outdoor and garden furnishing in...

Plust Collection: modern form of living

plust collection
Plust chairs, tables, stools designed to create original combinations that adapt to every type of environment. The only thing to do is to choose the colour and ...

B&B top quality outdoor furniture

B&B outdoor
Sophisticated and elegant yet accessible and extraordinarily comfortable, B&B Outdoor exudes a warm, modern and urban allure. B&B is credited with bring...

Coro top quality outdoor furniture

Coro outdoor Hotel
Things are precious to us when they allow us to live to live better. Sophistication is simplicity, and richness is minimalism. These are different expressions o...

Myyour: modern form of living

penelope myyour
The founding pillars of the Myyour philosophy are the surprising stateliness of its products and the distinction of a manufacturing process, which is meticulous...

Driade top quality outdoor furniture

Toy Driade
Outdoor Driade project is one filled with passion which, like art, is open to exchange and dialogue. Seeing the act of living as an open-ended work makes it a s...

Serralunga design outdoor furniture

Serralunga outdoor
Serralunga exclusive outdoor design elements which add to the feeling of comfort in your garden and on your veranda. Plenty of room for good friends and memorab...