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Chairs and barstools for luxury and five stars hotels

Driade seating for design hospitality

The search for contrasting modes of expression that are brought together under the Driade roof makes the eclecticism of Driade very special: from the Neo-Baroque of Borek Sipek to the Minimalism of Toyo Ito, the pure forms of Antonia Astori and the sensuality of Ron Arad. Or the poetry of Kazuyo Sejima, the sofas with intense character of Philippe Starck, the elaborate interweavings of Patricia Urquiola, the enigmatic projects of Fabio Novembre, the art pieces of Fredrikson Stallard and the colorful creations of Alessandro Mendini.

Being permeable to differences makes a Driade project one that is open to the future. The Driade house, elegant and timeless, inhabited by unique and eccentric individuals, can be a contemporary loft or an historic building in Europe, America or Asia, wherever people are curious and in search for beauty

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